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How did Farmers’ Health Cooperative get its start?

The Farmers' Health Cooperative of Wisconsin (FHCW) was created under the "Co-op Care" legislation conceived by the Cooperative Network to help farmers and small employers gain leverage in the health insurance market.

What makes this program unique?

FHCW is owned and governed by its farmer and agribusiness members, which means members are directly involved in the financial and benefit decisions made by the cooperative. When you enroll in other commercial insurance plans, you have no say in the decisions that affect your health care
Why will this work when similar concepts have failed?

Cooperative Network  knows Wisconsin farmers and agribusiness. Our partner, Agri-Services Agency (ASA), has a wealth of experience insuring farmers in 48 other states

These proven performers have joined forces to carefully develop a health care plan for farmers and agribusiness employees of various ages and backgrounds. This variety, combined with a strong vision for improving members’ health and the three-year commitment to the cooperative will help avoid the so-called ‘death spiral’ faced by other purchasing pools.

Who is the health insurance carrier?

The As of January 1, 2010, the cooperative’s insurance carrier is Anthem (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin).
Who is Agri-Services Agency (ASA)?

ASA is an insurance management company owned by Dairylea Cooperative that currently provides health and workers compensation insurance to 70,000 farmers and agribusinesses across the United States ASA will provide customer service, premium billing and collection and other administrative services for the members of FHCW. ASA has over 30 years of experience meeting farmers’ insurance needs.
My insurance advisor says this is risky.
Why should I enroll in FHCW?

Unfortunately, all health insurance is risky. Right now, your risk includes high-premium increases, decreased benefits and the loss of coverage. With FHCW, you are part of a member-owned and governed cooperative where your interests are also the primary interests of the cooperative, because you and the other members are the cooperative. You make the decisions.
Am I required to become a member of Farmers’ Health
Cooperative in order to enroll in the health insurance?

How much does it cost for me to become a member of the Farmers’ Health Cooperative of Wisconsin?

A nominal administrative fee supporting the costs of the cooperative will be billed to you monthly as part of your health insurance premium. You will also be required to make a separate capitalization payment which is required by state law.
What is the capitalization payment?

This is a payment you make when enrolling in the cooperative. It is intended to stabilize the pool of members insured through the cooperative. The payment will be held in a reserve account and returned to you after you have been enrolled in the co-op for three years.
What happens if I want to terminate my insurance coverage prior to the three-year commitment?

If you terminate early you will lose the capitalization payment you paid when you joined the cooperative, except under very limited circumstances beyond the member's control including turning age 65 or the death of the member.
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Farmers' Health Cooperative of Wisconsin is a Co-op Care initiative brought to you by Cooperative Network. FHCW health insurance plans will be managed by Agri-Services Agency which offers coverage through Anthem. We are grateful for support from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health’s Partnership Fund for a Healthy Future; AgStar Financial Services; USDA Rural Development; and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

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